A Good Year

It's that time to take stock of another year in my life and I think it's worthy of a blog post. Professionally and personally a lot has happened and I'm hoping the next year can be very much like it.

Starting with the personal, I cemented my partnership with my bestie Megan by finally tying the knot. I can definitively say we (she mostly) organised a damn good wedding and we had a ton of fun celebrating with the special people in our lives. I have no desire to have another one any time soon. On that note my peers and friends have had their own special moments including marriage and kids and I'm privileged to have been a small part of these.

I've always been a late starter to professional work but this year was the one in which I took small steps into a larger world. A rocky start to the year saw my work experience in controls engineering not flourish into a career. For various reasons my internship was not seen valuable enough to move me into the team proper however I learnt a lot from the experience.

My few months of work experience did see me fulfil the criteria for graduation and after ten long years chipping away I can finally call myself a graduate! Thanks to my gymnastics career this was a very slow burn which sometimes left me wondering whether I'd even finish but this year I finally have closure on this chapter of my life.

Finally I was extremely lucky to get a graduate engineering role in civil engineering. I am excited for the future and I seem to be working with a pretty good group of people.

All in all I'm hoping for more years like this one.