The Code Of Points Format

For my own purposes I wanted to do some analysis of the Code of Points and I had little option but to scrape the important information from the current MAG Code of Points PDF file. I appreciate that the Code is now freely available online however if one wants to do any sort of analysis of the Code the PDF format is one of the more annoying formats to work with. As such I've made my scraping efforts available on github to anyone who would like to download it or make changes.

On that note I truly think that the FIG needs to consider making the Code of Points available in a machine readable format. Nowadays more and more of the community is starting to make efforts moving gymnastics and the Code of Points into the digital age. Having the FIG provide that data in a digital friendly format is a great first step into allowing the community to engage more and create interesting things with the data. To be clear when I say machine readable format that can be done in any number of ways. Whether it's simply a csv file published in tandem with the pdf or a fully fledged public API I don't honestly care, as long as it can be consumed and manipulated quickly.

In addition to this the way that most people will read the Code nowadays is on a digital device of some kind. I'd personally prefer a format which is responsive to the device you are reading it on. PDF does not lend itself well to this use case.

A few fun things I've done with the data can be found at my projects page.