No Growth

This end of year break my goal is to have no growth. No goals, no targets, no feeling guilty about not finishing that book or that side project.

This year more than any other I feel like everyone around me has a heightened sense of exhaustion. It's palpable, people need the rest and I am no exception. It's been a big year for me personally and next year is likely to be just as full.

As such I've set a personal goal this holiday period to allow myself to meander, to be slow, to not achieve any personal or professional goals. If I read a book it's because I felt like doing it in the moment. If I create a little side project it's for fun and if it withers on the vine it was meant to be. I'm giving myself permission to suck and be lazy. Perhaps I'm lucky and privileged to have this opportunity but I am taking it with open arms.

Here's to a break in work and life. A delineation in the forward momentum of the universe. A rest.