Privatise Browser Extension

A browser extension that does exactly one thing, adds an item to the context menu that will open the current tab in a new private window. I use this to get around soft paywalls. Available at the Edge Extension Store and the Chrome Extension Store.

Judge of Character

A web game using client side tesseract and notepad libraries. It's frustratingly fun.

PWA Share Target Data Revealer

If you have a PWA installed on android you can register it as a share target. For debugging purposes this PWA allows you to see exactly what type of data will be transferred through the share intent. Add this site to your homescreen from android chrome and then from any android app share to this PWA to reveal the data being transferred.


A proof of concept for the most basic Progressive Web App using React. Make text BIGGER.

Code of Points

I wanted a machine readable code of points so I created a scraper with python and pulled out the relevant information. The most up to date version is available on github. Feel free to find any faults and send pull requests, due to the fickle nature of pdf scraping and my lack of experience coding there are bound to be errors.

Twitter Bot

I created a code of points gibberish bot using markov chains. The source code is quite simple and available on github.