How To Link Your MyGov Account To Centrelink After A Name Change


As always, working with MyGov continues to be a nightmare

JavaScript Remains The Best Deployment Target


It is abundantly clear that targeting the web, even as a Single Page App with heavy JavaScript, hits that sweet spot of development time, availability and cost.



My siblings and I, when growing up, had a VHS tape of Pinocchio which we would watch on occasion. The interesting thing about it was that this was a very particular adaptation, not the one made famous by Disney but a decidedly creepier and more disturbing version.

A Good Year


It's that time to take stock of another year in my life

New Text Editor and Syntax Colour Scheme


I'm A Visual Studio Code convert and here's a new syntax highlighting theme to celebrate

Does Driving Performance Degrade Or Improve With Increased Automation


During my studies I took a human factors and ergonomics course and found it quite interesting to see the implementation of human factors and how it relates to engineering in general. I was fascinated to study the psychology of how people in general accept certain designs. For better or worse here's an essay which I wrote answering the question "Does Driving Performance Degrade Or Improve With Increased Automation"

Toyplot - A Simple Python Plotting Library


My previous attempts at using python for plotting saw me use the massive and widely used library of Matplotlib. I managed to produce some workable plots which I exported to jpeg and used on one of my medium articles. Although extremely customisable and functional I began the search for a plotting library with a nicer API that would export to more web friendly formats such as html and SVG.

The 2020 Code of Points: What we might expect


The Code of Points for the 2020 Olympic cycle is official. The time has come to make some wild speculations about the consequences of these code changes.

Bottle URL Redirect


The little documented url method in bottle.py

The Code Of Points Format


The format of the Code of Points needs to be published in better more modern formats.

A Dumping Ground


The Case Against Gymnastics Teams


There has been plenty of debate about the new team format for the current cycle and, as usual, nobody is happy. There is of course one solution to this problem which has not been talked about, although it appears to perhaps to be the most logical.

The “We Say You Do” Model Of Code Review Is Broken


With the review and rehash of the Code of Points for the 2017–2020 cycle one thing is becoming increasingly clear, the FIG and requisite technical committees should do as students are told to do and show their working. The Code has been a living and morphing document since it’s inception. This needn’t change, however the way in which we go about modifications has to become a more data driven process.